Footpath group become engineers for the day to take on flood work

Volunteers in the Kenilworth Footpath Preservation Group became civil engineers for the day when they cleared a blocked ditch and took on some serious drainage work.

Brian Nicol, chairman of the group, said: "Kenilworth Footpath Preservation Group prides itself in keeping all the paths in its guide book open and easy to walk.

"Normally this involves way marking, cutting back foliage and substituting gates for stiles.

"However this year's heavy rains exposed another obstacle, water flooding the paths.

"This was at Shrewley, behind the Village Hall the ground, just before a kissing gate, became so deep in mud as to be virtually impassable."

The problem was identified by group member Mr Archie James as being down to blocked ditches.

As a result the group decided to become civil engineers and undertake the drainage work.

Brian added: "The countryside access team of the county council provided some eight-inch piping and the volunteers dug out a trench between two ditches to channel the water flow below ground.

"The project involved quite an effort but we managed it in a morning.

"The work will have saved the county council quite an expenditure in getting contactors in to do the job.

"We hope it works. The next heavy rains will tell."

The group's walk book Kenilworth and Beyond, Country Walks, has proved popular and 2000 copies have been sold in 18 months, necessitating a reprint.