Former Warwick schoolgirl is among world’s best powerlifters

Karenjeet Bains.
Karenjeet Bains.

A former Myton School pupil has been placed fifth in an international powerlifting contest.

Karenjeet Bains, 19, was competing against athletes who were four years older than her in the Commonwealth Powerlifting Games in Vancouver, Canada.

She set four personal bests and officially became a Double British Record Breaker.

This was Karenjeet’s first ever international competition and she has been recognised as having huge potential to progress significantly within the sport - which she only took up 18 months ago.

In July 2014, Karenjeet was crowned Great Britain junior champion in her third powerlifting competition.

Competing in the 63kg category at Moulton College, the then 17-year-old lifted a total of 275kg, achieving personal bests in all three lifts.

Speaking after this year’s Commonwealth Powerlifting Games, Karenjeet said: “I just need a bit more training, but at the next international, the Gold is mine!”

The Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation (CPF) currently serves the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships, which is held bi-annually.

So far, the CPF have successfully run six Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships, the first in 2005 in Northumberland, England. The second was in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2007, the third in Pune, India, in 2009, the fourth in Bournemonth, England, in 2011, the fifth in Auckland New Zealand, in 2013, and the most recent games, earlier this month in Vancouver, Canada.

Member nations taking part are: Australia, Cameroon, Canada, England, Ghana, Guyana, India, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Northern Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Scotland, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu and Wales.

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