Friends appealing to residents in Warwick district for donations for women's refugee centre

Two friends who have set up a social justice organisation are appealing to residents in the Warwick district for donations for refugees.

Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 11:25 am
Updated Thursday, 18th October 2018, 11:10 am
Jordan Whitworth and Abbee McLatchie are appealing for donations. Photo supplied.

Jordan Whitworthand Abbee McLatchie, who both used to work together at Myton School, are collecting donations to help the Refugee Women’s Centre in Dunkirk after their warehouse burnt down recently.

The pair have set up a social justice organisation called Inconvenient Women to help a range of causes.

Jordan said: “Social justice is something we are both incredibly passionate about, and in particular the empowerment and support of women. We felt we wanted to do more to help and support others and so after being deeply moved by the play ‘The Jungle’ which features actors and stories from refugees, we decided we wanted to do something more to help.

“We found out that the refugee women’s centre in Dunkirk’s warehouse had burnt down and so felt this would be a good first cause to get involved in.

“As well as donating we will also be doing some youth work whilst we are there. From this we then felt we didn’t want it to just end there and wanted to continue to help and support others and so Inconvenient Women was born; the aim: to create a social justice network across the country where people can come together to empower and support others.”

Explaining about their organisation’s name, Jordan said: “The name inconvenient women comes from a woman called Annie Besant who fought for freedom and women’s rights amongst many other things.

“Due to her willingness to speak out she was called an ‘inconvenient woman’ which we thought would be a great name for our organisation- women who stand together and will fight for equality and social justice.”

The pair will be travelling to Dunkirk on November 16 and are appealing for donations of warm/winter clothes and toiletries for adults and children as well as tents.

Inconvenient Women is on Twitter @inconvenientwo1 and Instagram: @inconvenientwomen and people can also get in touch through email: [email protected]

To arrange a donation use the email address given above.