From London to Paris for the NSPCC

The JLR Team at the Louvre in Paris.
The JLR Team at the Louvre in Paris.

Cyclists from Leamington have emulated the efforts of Tour De France winner Chris Froome by finishing an epic ride in Paris.

A 14-strong group of cyclists from Jaguar Land Rover embarked on a 350-mile bike ride from London on Wednesday July 20 and reached the French capital fours days later.

Riders took part in the cross-channel endurance feat to help raise money for the NSPCC.

Team member Simon Andrews, 32, from Leamington, said: “I have cycled regularly for about five years now but the heat and continual degradation of certain body parts took its toll”

“Then there were a few hairy moments on the descents involving busses and vans – the Parisian traffic is not to be messed with.”

The team of riders hope to raise more than £25,000 for the children’s charity through individual efforts and a group fundraising site.

Richard Sander, 42, another rider from Leamington said: “Arriving in Paris and completing the challenge made me feel incredibly proud.

“We had covered a great distance and helped a great cause. Childhood is such an important stage of a person’s life, it is the time when people are at their most innocent and vulnerable.

“Anything that the NSPCC can do help rescue, protect and support children who are being subjected to cruelty is valuable beyond words.”

NSPCC community fundraiser Jenny Sedgwick said: “This was a massive challenge for Simon, Richard and the team, so a big well done to them.

“That each participant set their own individual fundraising targets in addition to a group goal just goes to show the extent of their commitment to the NSPCC.”