Frustrated mother hits out at ‘crazy’ price of Stagecoach bus pass for Leamington College

From left: Debbie Constable, Todd Constable and Debbie's husband Eric Constable
From left: Debbie Constable, Todd Constable and Debbie's husband Eric Constable

A frustrated mother hit out at the ‘crazy’ price of her son’s Stagecoach bus pass before he started at Leamington College this week.

Debbie Constable, who lives in Long Itchington with her 16-year-old son Todd, complained she has to pay £306 to Stagecoach Midlands for an autumn term bus pass, which she cannot reasonably afford.

She became more angry when she realised customers in Southam, less than three miles from Long Itchington and further away from the college, only have to pay £196 as they qualify for a ‘Megarider Plus’ pass.

Todd, who will be studying Film and TV production, will only need to be at the college for two days a week. On other days he is expected to work from home.

Debbie said: “I am disgusted by this to be frank, especially as my husband and I do not qualify for any assistance whatsoever, yet do not earn a great deal, but more than if we were on benefits. It’s crazy.

“Paying £306 per term is going to actually financially cripple us, and to know that we live only two-and-a-half miles from Southam, where we could pay below this amount for a bus pass, is tantamount to highway robbery.

“There seems to be something very wrong with the whole system as far as I can see.”

Debbie has decided to buy a Southam bus pass for Todd, meaning Todd has to travel on a different bus to get there.

A spokesman for Stagecoach Midlands said: “A zonal ticketing system is used to divide up the cost of travel into bands. Unfortunately wherever you draw the line there are calls for it be moved a little further out.

“An autumn term All Midlands College pass, which covers the whole of Warwickshire, is £306 and lasts for 15 weeks. This offers a 16 per cent saving over adult passes.”