Frustrations growing at missing plants in Warwick

Frustrations are growing in Warwick after plants in the town are going missing.

Wednesday, 6th December 2017, 9:45 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 11:00 am
Photos by Mandy Littlejohn.

Plants that have been placed into planters and pots around the town to make the area more attractive are being removed.

At least twice a year the Warwick in Bloom committee along with members of staff from Barn Close Nurseries, plant the pots that are around the town.

Several plants have recently gone missing from different areas around the town.

Mandy Littlejohn, chair of community and culture on Warwick Town Council, said: “I am very disappointed. Everybody in the town makes an effort to make the town look good for visitors and residents and then someone pulls the plants out.

“I don’t understand why they do it.”

Plants being pulled up from the planters has happened in the town before but are normally found nearby.

Cllr Littlejohn said: “This has happened before but normally we find them a few yards down the road from where they have been removed from. They don’t normally hang onto them.

“This time we don’t know where they have gone. Are they taking them because they want them?

“But if not then why take them? They are worth nothing.

“I am very disappointed and frustrated that this is happening. Barn Close Nurseries will be replacing plants over the next few days.

“We have CCTV cameras in the town so hopefully the people doing this will get found out.”