Future Warwickshire health plans kept quiet

NHS campaigners have accused the planners of Warwickshire's future health service of keeping them in the dark.

Thursday, 17th November 2016, 11:48 am
Updated Thursday, 17th November 2016, 3:35 pm
The Coventry and Warwickshire STP planners have been accused of keeping quiet.

The South Warwickshire Keep our NHS Public (SWKONP) have claimed that those drawing up Coventry and Warwickshire Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) are keeping them out of the loop with the five-year plan and the financial implications.

The campaigners recently issued a Freedom of Information request about the STP plans but said the request was rejected.

Anna Pollert, chair of SWKONP, said: “We are asking Coventry and Warwickshire STP for immediate and full publication of its plans for our health and social care services, including the most critical financial details in any appendices.

“In several parts of the country, councils have published the plans and we are asking Warwickshire County Council and Coventry City Council to support our demands for transparency and to publish the plans.”

A spokesperson for Coventry and Warwickshire STP, said: “Based on projections of the number of people who will need care services in the future, if health and social care organisations did not work together to make local services more sustainable over the next five years the financial gap in health alone will be around £267m.

“If all organisations achieve their planned savings this will close this gap to around £66m. It is important to remember the plan is still very much a draft at this stage and that it needs the views of local people to help shape it as part of the next stage once it has been reviewed by NHS England.

“We have now received guidance from NHS England that we can publish a STP summary once we have received feedback from NHS England which will hopefully be by the end of November.”