Game of Thrones beckons traditional Warwick business

One of Warwick's traditional craft makers has made his way onto the big screen after making giant creations for the Games of Thrones film set.

Wednesday, 10th August 2016, 5:53 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:10 pm
Neil Henstone with his son Will

Neil Henstone, rope crafts expert and owner of Get Knotted, was asked to create nine giant fenders for the set of the world-renowned television series.

The rope cylinders - which act as bumpers or buffers on boats and ships - are now set to rocket the traditional craft into the spotlight after a spate of filming.

And Mr Henstone, who took over the long-running canal-side business 18 months ago, said he now has just over a week left to complete the mammoth order.

Neil Henstone and his son Will

The fenders, normally around 14 inches tall, have been super-sized for the film set, with each one measuring in at around 5ft tall and weighing as much as a small person.

As each must be carefully crafted by hand over several days, the skilled craftsman said the whole experience has been a challenge.

He said: “We just got a call out the blue and they said could we make these fenders for the set.

“They’re five-foot tall and very time consuming to make, but it’s great for the business to be making them for something as prestigious as Game of Thrones.

Neil Henstone and his son Will

“I’ve allowed two-and-a- half days to make each one, and we substituted what would normally be a very heavy core for something much lighter as these are just for show.

“I hadn’t really watched the programme before but it will be great to see our creations on the television.”

With help from his son, Will, he has already shipped off two of the giant props to Belfast for filming, with just weeks left to get busy and deliver the rest on time.

Get Knotted has been providing traditional fenders for boats and barges in the area for decades - a job done by knotting ropes around a heavy core.

Located off the Grand Union canal, the business was taken over by Neil 18 months ago.

The nature of the work means it cannot be done by machine, meaning skilled workers are needed to complete the tasks.

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