Great get together is streets ahead

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Leamington’s Great Get Together party is streets ahead

The belated contribution to the UK-wide ‘Great Get Together’, was to commemorate the life and death of Jo Cox, the late MP for Batley and Spen constituency.

More than 100 residents of Claremont Road and Charlotte Street came together to enjoy a neighbourly gathering with guests including local councillors representing different political parties, and Warwick and Leamington MP Matt Western.

Vicki Behm, of Claremont Road, speaking to her neighbours said: “The last time we had a street party was perhaps about 20 years ago - that’s too long.

“We share this living space - I hope we get together more often from now on, not just because it’s fun - though that is a good enough reason, but because it’s important.

“Jo Cox, in whose honour this street party was organised, was a remarkable woman and an exemplary MP, working tirelessly to bring her community together and to improve life for those who found it difficult for one reason or another.

“For too long, we have all neglected the power that comes from true community.

“We’ve been encouraged to see society as made up of individuals, each striving for their own advancement, often at the expense of others.”

Vicki added: “Thanks to Jo Cox for reminding us through her example of the power of community - our society needs bringing together.”