Hatton’s Northleigh House receives support

Viv Morgan  of Northleigh House with Jackie Crampton (centre) and Ron Flint
Viv Morgan of Northleigh House with Jackie Crampton (centre) and Ron Flint

Warwick Rotary Club member Ron Flint told colleagues how a meeting six years ago literally changed his life and priorities.

It was in 2009 that Ron first met local supporters of the national charity, Red Balloon, who wanted to set up a school for children who were being badly bullied at school.

At the club’s lunch last week, Ron introduced his fellow Rotarians to Viv Morgan who talked to them about how some bullied youngsters became so desperate they were at risk of taking their own lives.

Indeed Mrs Morgan knew of some who had already done so because they could see no way of getting away from their everyday environment that had become such a torture.

And with social media these days the bullies were able to target and follow their victims day and night.

Mr Flint reminded fellow members that after he’d first learned about the aspirations of the Red Balloon charity the Warwick members had generously offered the first cash donation. All had been delighted when Mrs Morgan was able to open Northleigh House School at Hatton in 2010.

He said: “The school now has 20 pupils aged 11 to 17 who are offered a safe, calm and nurturing environment in which they can reclaim their self-esteem and resume their education, some returning to mainstream schools.”

While local authorities would eventually support the education of the pupils, the school always required additional funds to support its high ratio of staff.

Rotarian Ian McBeath thanked both speakers and, on behalf of the club, presented Mrs Morgan with a cheque for £100.