Homes in Warwick car park

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The number of objections raised against building ten flats and three houses on a Warwick car park has led to the issue being placed on next Tuesday’s planning agenda.

The Waterloo Housing Group had withdrawn its first application to build on part of West Rock car park, off Commainge Close, after the Chamber of Trade and Warwick Town Council complained about the loss of 41 of the 92 spaces.

But now the issue is back on the Warwick District Council agenda with a recommendation for acceptance.

Sue Butcher of Warwick Chamber of Trade said her members accept the need for more of the sort of affordable and rented homes Waterloo Housing would bring into the town centre.

But what members can’t understand is why the district council cannot use an earlier “vision” of flats and homes being built on raised ground above the car park.

This would save the much-needed parking bays for shoppers and visitors to Warwick.

Each of the proposed two-bedroom flats and three-bedroom homes would come with their own private parking spaces and surrounding landscaping.

Their design would incorporate a mix of hipped and gabled roofs in keeping the surrounding properties in Oken Court.

Warwick town councillors have objected on the grounds of the loss of public parking at West Rock which they believe will have an adverse impact on the viability and vitality of the town centre.

They say the suggested alternative use of the Linen Street multi-storey is not realistic given the allocation of 50 spaces for the redevelopment of the nearby old printworks.

Some 47 objections were also received from members of the public, many of whom said the transfer of permits to Linen Street was unacceptable. The Linen Street multi-storey has a narrow turning circle for larger vehicles and was once described by a district councillor as “the worst car park in the district.”