Impromptu entertainment at Leamington Venew is a real treat

I ARRIVED at the Venew hoping to see the advertised Elvis/Neil Diamond tribute show, but due to circumstances completely out of the control of the pub, the scheduled entertainment had to be cancelled.

So showing his true professionalism, Tim, entertainment manager and fabulous singer/performer in his own right, managed - with a little help from local seven-year-old Elvis tribute artist Little Elvis Sylvain - to put on an evening’s entertainment free of charge to everybody who turned up.

Tim, using a selection of backing tracks, performed numbers of many genres - swing, rock and roll, soul and even a touch of disco - and the evening included the Dean Martin classic Little Old Wine Drinker Me, Van Morrison’s Moondance, Eddie Cochrans C’mon Everybody and disco time with Car Wash and Disco Inferno.

Tim also threw in a couple of Elvis classics, as this was of course originally one of the themes of the evening, including (with help from the audience) The Wonder of You.

But the main treat for the Elvis fans in attendance was a couple of numbers from Little Elvis Sylvain, who recently appeared on television’s Blue Peter. Sylvain dressed in a spectacular white tiger jumpsuit (just like the real thing), took to the stage and, throwing all the trademark Elvis poses, charmed us all with his performances of Trouble and Elvis’s 70’s concert version of Chuck Berry’s’ Johnny B. Goode.

The great old adage of ‘the show must go on’ was definitely in evidence at the Venew.

Andrew Lock