Is this the world’s oldest cat?

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Is this the oldest cat in the region - or even further than that?

Sooty celebrated her 27th birthday recently, which has led her owners to contact the Guinness Book of Records to see if she has broken a record.

Reports in the national media state that the oldest cat in the world could be 25.

So the Newton family in Hatton Park believe Sooty might be a record breaker.

But they said that it will take three months for the Guinness Book of Records to confirm it.

Sooty spent most of her life in Goodfellow Street, Old Milverton, but moved a few years ago to Blacklow Road, Hatton Park, where she resides with Jeanette Newton.

Her daughter Dana Madden said Sooty has always been a friendly to them when they were children. She added: “Then finally 27 years later from she first came into our lives, me and my sisters now all have families of our own and she has also been a delight to our children. Local friends, neighbours and old school friends who had Sooty’s kittens all nickname her Yoda due to the fact that she has been around forever. My mum now only has her partner and the family cat Sooty at home and enjoys every extra day she gets with her as she is very frail (being 125 in cat years) with one tooth and poor eyesight and lives indoors but still very much able to be the best companion to my mom.”

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