Items seized after Leamington drugs raid

Drug raid in High Street, Leamington
Drug raid in High Street, Leamington

Police have seized items after forcing their way into a flat in Leamington in a search for drugs on Wednesday.

The flat in High Street was raided by Warwickshire Police officers after reports of illegal drugs at the property.

Police drugs raid in Leamington's Old Town

Police drugs raid in Leamington's Old Town

The team forced their way into the residential property above a take-away using a special vehicle fitted with a roof ramp.

No arrests were made, but police said several items were seized.

Describing the raid as a result of “an intelligence-led warrant”, officers also used loud distraction devices to gain entry into the building at around 10am on Wednesday.

A spokesperson said: “This was an intelligence led warrant involving specially trained officers.

“Officers also deployed specialist equipment, including distraction devices and specialist method of entry. This means that local residents may have heard loud noises this morning, we want to reassure local residents this was part of the warrant.

“Several items were seized believed to be in connection with the supply of drugs. No arrests have been made.”

Following the raid, Inspector Dafydd Goddard said: “Warwickshire Police is committed to targeting drug related offences.

“I want to reassure members of the community that if you report your concerns to us, we listen and take appropriate action. Drug crime can have a devastatingly negative impact on our local communities and we encourage anyone with information about the supply of drugs to contact police by calling 101.”