Jailed businessman will pay £21,000 compensation to elderly victim


A heartless businessman who was jailed after he fleeced an elderly chartered accountant out of more than £400,000 has been ordered to pay £21,000 in compensation.

But even that is more than the £3,000 Kevin Franklin’s victim had expected to get back – until astute Warwickshire Police financial investigators discovered two further amounts.

Earlier this year Warwick Crown Court heard how callous Franklin had lived the high life while his 80-year-old victim ended up scraping round to pay for a bottle of milk.

Franklin (58) who ran the restaurant at Wootton Park campsite at Wotton Wawen, near Warwick, was jailed for four-and-a-half years in March of this year after pleading guilty to fraud and obtaining money transfers by deception.

Following an adjournment for his finances to be investigated under the Proceeds of Crime Act, he appeared in court again via a video link from prison for a confiscation hearing.

Prosecutor Simon Hunka said it was agreed Franklin’s benefit from his offences was a total of £401,210.47.

That had been arrived at following the deduction of around £3,000 in relation to jewellery he had given his wife, and which had been alleged to have been a ‘tainted gift.’

But the value of the jewellery still formed part of Franklin’s ‘available assets’ of £21,258.77.

It was initially believed to be his only asset – until police financial investigators uncovered two small pension plans.

And Mr Hunka said: “The defendant has signed a release in relation to both the pensions and the jewellery.”

So Judge Alan Parker formally found that Franklin had a benefit of £401,210.47 from his offences, and ordered £21.258.77 to be confiscated from him under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The judge added: “The court directs that the sum confiscated is paid by way of compensation in favour of the complainant.”