Kenilworth and Southam MP welcomes wind farm law changes

Jeremy Wright
Jeremy Wright

Jeremy Wright has welcomed an end to onshore wind subsidy and more power to communities over turbine farms.

The Kenilworth and Southam MP welcomed measures announced by the Government that will see the law changed to give communities a final say over planning decisions for onshore wind farms.

Changes mean wind turbines will only get the go-ahead if residents make it clear they support onshore wind projects in their area.

They will be free to decide where turbines should go and any proposals must address the concerns of residents and have their backing.

The law will also be changed to end bill-payer subsidies for new onshore wind farms from April 2016 to “help meet renewable energy commitments”.

Mr Wright said: “For too long communities across my constituency have felt powerless to stop wind farm developments that they objected to from going ahead.

“This will change. Communities will now have the final say over planning applications for onshore wind turbines which will ensure only those schemes that have the support of local people can go ahead.

“And we are stopping bill-payer subsidies for new onshore wind farms so that energy bills are kept down.”