Kenilworth outdoor pool campaigners say council needs to 'think big' on lido plans

Campaigners hoping to save Kenilworth's outdoor pool and possibly convert it into a larger lido have said Warwick District Council needs to 'think big' when it comes to the pool's future.

Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 1:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 2:00 pm
Restore Kenilworth Lido campaigners outside the entrance to Abbey Fields' swimming pool. From left: Clive Peacock, Joanna Perkins, Cllr Richard Dickson, Dorothy Watkins, George Jones and Jane Green.

A consultation on potential improvements to the outdoor pool in Abbey Fields, as well as Castle Farm, will be open from Monday October 22 to Monday November 19.

The options being considered for the pool are to keep it as it is, or to replace it with an indoor teaching pool.

But campaigners from 'Restore Kenilworth Lido' have criticised the council for not including a third option to make the outdoor pool better than it is in order to make it more economically viable.

What Restore Kenilworth Lido would like to see at the outdoor pool in Abbey Fields

Clive Peacock, one of the group's members, said: "The council cannot seem to think big. They need to think about the future opportunities for people here.

"Kenilworth's going to increase in population by around 10,000 people - where are we going to be in this town in 20 years' time? Giving people the choice to have a better outdoor pool is the way forward."

And Jane Green who leads the group added: "The key point is people aren't being given a proper choice. The current consultation is an absolute dead end because the current outdoor pool isn't viable - we know that and they know that."

Restore Kenilworth Lido would like to see a 25-metre rectangular outdoor pool, a 25 metre indoor pool, and a ‘river and poolside cafe’ built to bring in more money.

The pair believe grants from HS2 and from Sport England could fund the construction of the outdoor pool. Once built, they say more groups would be able to use it for training, as the current kidney-shaped pool is unsuitable.

Rose Winship, head of cultural services at Warwick District Council, had previously said the group should submit their plans formally as part of the consultation.