Kenilworth residents have lucky escape after chip pan almost caught fire


An elderly Kenilworth couple had a lucky escape after leaving their old-style chip pan unattended in the evening.

The couple, of Ashdene Gardens, who are both in their 90s, had left their chip pan on the heat and their apartment began to fill with smoke.

Luckily, their smoke alarms alerted them to the danger and caused them to call the fire service.

Firefighters have implored people to get rid of their old-style chip pans following the incident,

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Watch Commander, Keith McDermott said: “On this occasion the residents were very lucky.

“Had they not got working smoke alarms in the apartment they may not have had the early warning they needed, which means that we could well have been looking at a very different outcome.

“Our advice for anyone would be to get rid of their old style chip pans and ensure that you have a working smoke alarm on each level of your home.

“On this occasion, it really did save both the residents home and their lives!”

Cllr John Horner, the Portfolio Holder for Community Safety, said: “I am really pleased that everyone involved is safe, but it could have been a very different story had there not been working smoke alarms or a quick response from the Leamington and Kenilworth crews.”