Kenilworth suffers spate of attempted burglaries

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Kenilworth residents are being asked to remain vigilant after a spate of attempted burglaries in the area.

Following previous reports that a Rolex watch and an Audi A4 were stolen from a property in Windy Arbour, details of three new incidents have come to light.

The first was an attempted burglary on Amherst Road at just before 9pm on September 11, where the would-be burglars tried to gain entry to the house by smashing through the glass in the property’s rear door using a lever-type instrument.

A resident was in at the time, and the sound of the glass being broken alerted them to the burglary taking place.

Upon realising they had been discovered, the burglars ran away empty-handed.

The incident number for this crime is 0367 of September 11.

The second attempted burglary took place in the early hours of September 16 at a house on Warwick Road, where a window was damaged and its beading was removed, but the intruders could not gain access to the property.

Use the incident number 0274 of September 16 if giving information about this.

Finally, a house on Rouncil Lane had a window and its beading damaged during an attempted burglary at 3:50am on September 17 but, like the incident on Warwick Road, no entry was gained.

Quote incident number 0036 of September if reporting information about this crime.

Craig Ricardo of the Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team said the burglaries were all preventable, as people were failing to use basic security precautions like turning alarms on or putting lights on a timer switch if going away on holiday.

He said: “The reason why these burglaries have happened is down to home security.

“You have to make your house look lived in.

“They’re not stupid these people, they’ll even knock on the door to see if anyone’s in.

“If they do that a couple of times, bingo, they realise no-one’s in.

“Even something as simple as leaving a car on the drive or leaving a light on can act as a deterrent to the opportunistic thief.

“I think we’re too trusting in Kenilworth - people think this doesn’t happen, but it does.”

Anyone with information about any of these burglaries should call Warwickshire Police on 101 or the Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01926 684404.