Kingsley Prep School pupils learn the bar facts about rod safety

The Warwick Bear Roadshow stopped off at The Kingsley Preparatory School in Leamington to deliver simple road safety messages to children.

The school is the first in the county to join Warwickshire County Council’s re-launched Road Safety Club and the visit marked the start of their membership.

The Warwickshire Road Safety Club aims to educate primary school age children about keeping safe while crossing the road.

One of the County Councillors responsible for road safety, Cllr Les Caborn, said: “The safety of children on the public highway is always a great concern and we are delighted that The Kingsley Preparatory School share our view and commitment to ensuring that we continue to educate primary school children on the importance of road safety.”

The star of the roadshow was a cute puppet who, with his “helper” Caroline McCluskey from the county council, told stories and sang songs about crossing the road safely.

Mrs McCluskey, who takes the roadshow to pre-schools and schools, was delighted with the response she got from the Kingsley pupils.

“They were very engaged and came up with some great ideas and answers to questions. I was very pleased that they brought their own teddies along to the session to meet Warwick bear,”

she said afterwards.