Leamington boxfit teacher who lost nine stone hopes to inspire others

Michael Jephcott before and after losing eight stone.
Michael Jephcott before and after losing eight stone.

He used to weight more than 18 stone - now this Leamington man has shed more than half his weight and become a Midland boxing champion.

Michael Jephcott has also started running free boxfit classes in south Leamington to help encourage others to take a similar path to himself.

Michael said: “Boxing has changed my life loads - not just with my body and the weight loss, but also having more confidence in myself. I would never have taught a class a few years ago.

“My motivation was that I wanted to be a boxer and lose weight and be able to do things that I could not have done when I was big, like boxing or having a social life.

“I am passionate to motivate others, as a lot of people think if they are big, they will never be slim or in shape.”

When Michael reached his ideal boxing weight of 57kg (around nine stone), he became a Midland champion and won the Midland belt.

He said: “I use my own story to help others realise that, with a bit of hard work and dedication, anything is possible- it’s not easy but you have to start somewhere.

“It’s been helpful working alongside Active South Leamington as they provided me with experienced support and advice when it came to starting teaching.”

Active South Leamington provides exercise, sports and activities in the Brunswick and Sydeham areas, using funding from Sport England, People’s Health Trust, Healthy Warwickshire Partnership, Orbit, Warwick District Council and others, with support from the Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs, Support Sport and Sky Blues in the Community.

Leila Javadi, Active South Leamington sports coordinator, said: “We are committed to helping clubs establish themselves within the community and hope that this will inspire more clubs, coaches, and volunteers to get in touch.”

To see a timetable of the free and subsidised exercise classes running in the area, visit www.activesl.org.uk