Leamington company to host open event to inspire the next generation of computer games creators

Radiant Worlds
Radiant Worlds

Leamington Spa based Games company Radiant Worlds is hosting an open event this evening (Thursday) which is designed to show the rich variety of careers available to an audience of young people aged from 16 to 25.

The event organised by Creative Skillset is being hosted by the company’s founders, Richard Smithies and Philip and Andrew Oliver - The Oliver Twins.

The twins have created successful games for more than 30 years and are now working on the huge online game SkySaga.

They have been at the mainstay of games development for over 30 years founding the Dizzy franchise and they have run Radiant Worlds since it was founded in September 2013.

With the Games industry contributing as much as £1.7 billion to the UK economy according to NESTA, the Open Doors day is a great opportunity for young people to see inside a hugely successful and important company not only to Leamington but to the whole of the UK.

The ywill hear from the founders of the company and meet some of the people working there about how they entered the industry.

Andrew Oliver said: “I’m happy to host the Open Doors event here at Radiant Worlds as we want to share the excitement and passion we feel for this industry.

“We’re always looking for talent with something unique to offer.”

Kay Verdon, careers manager at Creative Skillset, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to allow young people inside a great Leamington success story in a creative hub that is a key part of the multi- million pound games sector.

“Open Doors events really connect young people to this amazing industry.”

The event will take place at Radiant Worlds’ offices in Homer Close, Tachbrook Park, from 4pm to 6.30pm.