Leamington Courier joins with MP Chris White to launch charity fund

A new charitable fund for Leamington has been launched to help people of the town.

The ‘Love Leamington’ fund is the brainchild of the town’s MP, Chris White, working in tandem with the Courier, and is the first charity dedicated solely to the town.

It is hoped the fund will grow with donations from local businesses and fundraisers and become a permanent charitable resource for the town. The fund has already been kickstarted by a donation from Wright Hassall.

Mr White said: “In 2013, I declared publicly that I would pass any increase in salary (a 9 per cent increase suggested at the time) to charity, distributed at arm’s length by a board of trustees. This idea has grown into a fund which will start now where any individual or charitable organisation can apply.”

Chris Lillington, editor of the Courier, added: “We’re delighted to be involved with the Love Leamington fund.  It’s generous of Mr White to forgo the MPs’ pay rise and put the money towards the fund. But looking beyond that it’s a fantastic opportunity to create something that is funded and administered by the town for the benefit of the people of the town for years to come. I do hope that people will get behind it and, most importantly, use it.”

The fund will be administered by The Heart of England Community Foundation. Tina Costello, CEO of Heart of England, said: “As Warwick is served by the Henry VIII Endowment fund and other historical foundations and Whitnash has the Whitnash Trust, it seemed a good idea to set up a fund solely for the benefit of Leamington, which we will administer. We look forward to assisting in the day-to- day running of the fund, ensuring full transparency and accountability.” 

The fund will be administered by a board which will include the editor of the Courier, and representatives from business, charity and education. The scope of the fund will be wide but may include applications from community groups needing a computer, for example, or an organisation wanting to hire a room for an event.

Mr White added: “Each year the town holds many different events, such as the Regency Run. I hope that people will carry on supporting their own favourite charity or otherwise perhaps consider donating to Love Leamington. I hope this initiative gathers momentum and look forward to hearing of its first allocation of funds.”

Details on how people can apply to Love Leamington will be released shortly.

If you would like to be involved in the fund please contact Tina Costello at Heart of England, at Tina@heartofenglandcf.co.uk or on 024 7688 3260.