Leamington Labour councillors launch campaign against proposed East Whitnash development

Labour councillors have launched a campaign against the proposed East Whitnash Development due to concerns over access routes and congestion.

Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 2:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 2:24 pm
The location for the East Whitnash Development
The location for the East Whitnash Development

Councillors Helen Adkins, Colin Quinney and Jojo Norris have started a petition against developer AC Lloyd’s plans to build about 500 houses in the area south of Campion School which includes an access road that would cut through the school grounds and could cause of loss of one or more of its buildings.

The Stop East Whitnash (STEW) campaign was started by Warwick and Leamington MP Matt Western when he was the county councillor for the Leamington Willes ward and recent plans unveiled by the developer have raised concerns once again about the suitability of the proposed project.

Cllr Adkins, who replaced Mr Western in that seat on the county council, said: “It is clear that AC Lloyd’s proposed plans to build an access road through Campion School are unworkable.

“I am opposing this development because there are not sufficient access routes, so if the project went ahead, congestion and air pollution would increase significantly in the local area.

“Many local residents are deeply concerned by the plans and I urge them to sign our petition calling for a stop to the development.”

A consultation session was held at Sydenham Community centre this month to provide information to the public about the proposed project and the possible access road.

Resident Mini Mangat, who lives off St Fremund Way, said “I am deeply concerned

by AC Lloyd’s plans. They would cause a massive increase in congestion on the roads around St Fremund Way.”