Leamington man who instigated golf club attack given suspended sentence

Kamil Lukasik
Kamil Lukasik

A Leamington man who instigated an attack on a party guest who was beaten over the head with a golf club, causing ‘a nasty wound,’ has escaped being jailed.

Kamil Lukasik, 32, of Freshwater Grove, had pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to unlawful wounding, having denied a more serious charge of wounding with intent.

Lukasik, whose pleas were accepted, was sentenced to 18 months in prison suspended for 12 months and was ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work.

He had originally been charged with one of two men who were alleged to have taken carried out the actual attack.

But that man had the case against him thrown out because the police officer who had carried out identification procedures with witnesses had gone ‘off script.’

Prosecutor Simon Hunka had said that in September 2014 a barbeque was being held in the garden of a house in St Brides Close, Sydenham, at which Piotr Zychowicz was one of the guests.

The mood was pleasant until Lukasik turned up drunk and uninvited because the host had borrowed some satellite dish LNBs from him and not returned them.

The party host handed them back and apologised for being late in doing so, but unfortunately Lukasik was not in a forgiving mood, said Mr Hunka, and became agitated and aggressive.

“It got to the point where one of the people at the party, Mr Zychowicz, intervened and suggested Lukasik should calm down and leave or he would pour his drink in his face.”

Lukasik did leave, but returned later with two other men who were armed with a pole and a shortened golf club.

They went into the garden where those two men attacked Mr Zychowicz as he was sitting on a chair, and he lost consciousness as he was struck over the head with the golf club.

As a result, he suffered ‘a nasty wound’ to his forehead which required hospital treatment.

Mr Hunka said Lukasik was named by a number of people who saw the attack – and he pleaded guilty on the basis that although he had not landed the blows himself, he had encouraged the attack.

Sentencing Lukasik after reading a pre-sentence report on him, Judge Peter Cooke said he would not order him to pay costs or compensation because of his financial circumstances.