Leamington named as ‘third best place for families to live in the UK’ by national newspaper

Leamington Parade.'MHLC-31-01-15 General shots NNL-150202-114850009
Leamington Parade.'MHLC-31-01-15 General shots NNL-150202-114850009

Leamington has been named as the third best place for families to live in the UK by a national newspaper.

In the article in The Times on Monday, the paper gave the reasons why Leamington is behind only Bath in Somerset and Bakewell in Derbyshire in its 30-strong list of towns and cities.

The article gives Leamington’s “white Regency terraces” which “make for roomy family homes” as a reason why the town is “so great” and states that it is “one of the most expensive places to live per sq m according to Halifax” and that “families also rate its schools, shops, parks and the surrounding Warwickshire countryside”.

It also mentions Kenilworth Castle and the Michelin-starred restaurant The Cross as nearby attractions.

Reference is also given to the town’s ‘Silicon Spa’ nickname due to the “disproportionate number of computer-game companies in or around the area” and says residents include “professionals who like the 30-minute commute to Birmingham, students from the University of Warwick and digital designers.”

According to the article “a modern or traditional house with four bedrooms” in Leamington costs an average of £500,000.

Chris White said: “This is good news and comes off the back of Warwick district coming 11th in the quality of life survey.

“As a resident I’m really proud we are receiving national recognition for what we already know.

“We have a strong sense of identity and creativity, great businesses and heritage and a fabulous community spirit.

“As an MP there is always more to be done but I think we should recognise that we are in a good place.

“I’d like to pay tribute to all the local people, businesses and local authorities that make Leamington so unique.”

In December, Halifax’s Quality of Life Survey named Warwick district as the 11th best place to live in Britain.