Leamington named ‘happiest place to live in Britain’ by Rightmove survey

Leamington Lower Parade.
Leamington Lower Parade.

Leamington has been named the happiest place to live in Britain following a study by the Rightmove website.

More than 17,000 people across the nation took part in the study, which asked them how happy they are where they live and also asked them to rank 12 ‘happiness factors’ which ranged from how friendly their neighbours are and how much they feel they can ‘be themselves, to how good services are.

Jephnson Gardens

Jephnson Gardens

Cllr Caroline Evetts, mayor of Leamington, said: “It is a tribute to the town’s community spirit that has lead Leamington to be voted the happiest place to live in Great Britain.

“Leamington has it all, from our wonderful Regency buildings, impressive parks and gardens as well as a unique mix of high street shops and independent boutiques.

“Townspeople are welcoming and there is an impressive cultural community diversity that has, no doubt, put the town at the top of this list.”

The average asking price for a home in Leamington is £330,848, almost £20,000 higher than a year ago.

Leamington's famous Pump Rooms viewed from Jephson Gardens.'Ref: 08MAR96_56

Leamington's famous Pump Rooms viewed from Jephson Gardens.'Ref: 08MAR96_56

The national average asking price is currently £310,003.

Leamington was also one of four spa towns to make the survey’s top ten along with Harrogate (fourth), Royal Tunbridge Wells (fifth) and Epsom (seventh).

Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, was the second happiest place to live, according to Rightmove’s 2017 Happy and Home Index, with the Wirral on Merseyside taking third spot.

People ranked 159 locations, but London, where average living costs and house prices far outweigh the rest of Britain, fared poorly.

Jephson Gardens in the Spring

Jephson Gardens in the Spring

Abiola Oni, Rightmove’s research manager, added: “We’ve looked at the connection between each of the factors and what contributes to how happy people say they are overall, and it’s the people in an area and how someone feels about living there that makes the biggest difference.

“So the strength of community spirit, people feeling like they belong and that they can be themselves are all more important than the services and money that they have, though these do still contribute to overall happiness.”

*Top ten happiest places*

1. Leamington Spa

2. Leigh-on-Sea

3. Wirral

4. Harrogate

5. Tunbridge Wells

6. King’s Lyn

7. Epsom

8. Richmond-upon-Thames

9. Poole

10. Chichester

*Bottom ten*

159. Brent

158. Barking and Dagenham

157. Newham

156. Croydon

155. Bedford

154. Hillingdon

153. Crawley

152. Luton

151. Blackburn

150. Oldham