Leamington pawnbrokers wish to reunite couple with lost jewellery

The bracelets that were left at Cashbrokers in the Parade
The bracelets that were left at Cashbrokers in the Parade

Staff at a Leamington pawnbrokers would like to get in touch with a couple who accidentally left some jewellery behind at the shop before they sell it for charity.

The couple, described as Hispanic in appearance and in their mid 30s, visited Cashbrokers in the Parade on Saturday January 9 at around 12.30pm looking to sell various items of ladies’ gold jewellery.

Once the shop gave them an offer for the jewellery, the couple left, accidentally leaving behind two 14-carat gold bracelets underneath a piece of paper on the counter.

As soon as staff realised what the couple had done, one of them went out onto the Parade to try and find them.

After searching unsuccessfully, they went into Regent Court and finally into the nearby Bill’s restaurant to try and find the customers, but they were nowhere to be found.

Since then, the shop has kept the bracelets thinking the couple would come back to claim them.

But, as no-one has claimed the bracelets for a month, the shop wanted to put the word out that the bracelets were still there. They say that if the items remain unclaimed they would be sold with the proceeds going to a local charity.

Staff at Cashbrokers say they are sure they would recognise the couple should they return to the shop to claim the bracelets, and they should get in touch on 01926 258252 or should come to the shop directly.

The two bracelets are estimated to be worth £200 second-hand, or £110 if scrapped for gold.