Leamington pub operators helps Myton Hospices

A pub operator in Leamington has helped the Myton Hospices.

Saturday, 5th October 2019, 7:30 am

BeerandCoffeeCo, who is behind The Fat Pug, The Royal Pug, Procaffeinate and Apehangers bar in Leamington and The Black Pug in Warwick, held its ‘PugStock’ event in June.

This year’s ‘PugStock’, which is a street festival featuring live music and street food at The Fat Pug bar, was held in support of the Myton Hospices.

This week members of the team from BeerandCoffeeCo met with staff from The Myton Hospices to present them a cheque.

The cheque was presented to staff from Myton Hospices outside the Fat Pug in Leamington . Photo submitted.

The cheque was for a total of £629.76.

The team at BeerandCoffeeCo will be continuing to work with The Myton Hospice going forward and will be hosting events in support of the charity at their pubs.