Leamington pupils are plain that crisp market is a packet of fun

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-180131-145611001

Pupils at a Leamington school have been using their taste buds and marketing skills to help a research company.

Three youngsters from Trinity Catholic School spent time at Kantar to gain insight into the world of market research.

Ella Chalmers, Patrick Coombe and Liam Ryan who are all aged 15 worked on a snacks product test to investigate whether a supermarket could claim in its advertising that their ready salted crisps are “as good as the market leader”.

The test required people to taste two different brands of crisps and give their opinion.

Ella, Patrick and Liam were involved in all aspects of the market research project - from working with clients, writing questions, interviews, data analysis and presentation of the results.

All Year 10 pupils at Trinity Catholic School undertake a week of work experience with local firms.

Ella Chalmers said: “We really enjoyed our time at Kantar and learned lots about the way market research is conducted.”

Any businesses interested in offering work experience to Year 10 pupils in January 2019 should call Mary La Spisa on 01926 428416.