Leamington shop manager is thanked by customer for helping her when she suffered from a seizure

Wendy Scarbrough and Sarah Toon.
Wendy Scarbrough and Sarah Toon.

A Leamington shop manager has been praised by a customer whose aid she came to when she suffered from a serious seizure.

Mother-of-one Sarah Toon, 46, of Cubbington, collapsed while she was shopping at the Card Factory in the Parade on Thursday January 28 and it was Wendy Scarbrough who was first to help her before an ambulance crew could arrive.

The shop manager put Mrs Toon in the recovery position and made sure she did not hurt herself while she was suffering from the seizure.

Mrs Toon - who was taken to Warwick Hospital for treatment and to recover - has since returned to the shop to thank Miss Scarbrough and the two women are now friends.

Mrs Toon said: “Wendy was amazing, absolutely brilliant. I can’t thank her enough because if it wasn’t for her I don’t know how I would have ended up.

“If I was on my own I could have died.”

Mrs Toon did not know she had a condition before she collapsed and, having no memory of the incident, was told later about the help Miss Scarbrough gave her.

She is now undergoing tests for the condition, which is believed to be epilepsy.

She said: “There is no way of knowing until something happens. More people should be aware of what to do when it happens to somebody.”

Miss Scarbrough said she thought Mrs Toon had fainted at first before she realised the situation was more serious.

She said she was calm during the incident and acted on what she had been told to do if somebeody collapsed in the shop.

She added: “Sometimes in retail you get some negative things said to you. So to be thanked for something like this is very nice.”