Leamington Spa Hospital unveils their newest rehabilition tool - a falls garden

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A therapeutic ‘falls’ garden has been officially opened at Leamington Spa Hospital for the benefit of patients learning to cope with everyday hazards.

The hospital supports patients who have suffered brain injuries and strokes, as well as amputee patients, and is home to the Central England Rehabilitation Unit (CERU), a national centre of excellence focussing on neuro rehabilitation services.

Opened by South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust’s Chairman, Russell Hardy, the new garden will help patients by simulating everyday hazards around the home and garden as well as outdoors.

Each obstacle within the garden is designed to simulate everyday hazards around the home and garden as well as outdoors, while helping to improve balance and mobility and increase confidence when faced with hazardous situations - both on foot and in wheelchairs.

It features a slalom course, stepping stone path, uneven surface, bridge, activity board, wire loop challenge and cognitive therapy facilities.

Mr Hardy said: “I’m delighted that we have been able to develop such a beneficial facility for our patients. It’s thanks to fundraising and the support of local organisations that this has been possible. The support they have given to the project will help make a real difference to the lives of patients.”

David Gee, project lead, said: “My wife was an in-patient at the hospital after suffering a severe stroke which left her paralysed down one side, unable to walk. “After undergoing intensive rehabilitation from the team at the hospital, eventually she could walk well enough to return home, but problems started when she wanted to go outdoors. This project will give patients confidence to live as normal a life as possible.”