Leamington teacher loses almost 17 stone in two years

Scott Littler lost almost 17 stone over two years. Left: Scott before his weight loss. Right: Scott after reaching his target weight
Scott Littler lost almost 17 stone over two years. Left: Scott before his weight loss. Right: Scott after reaching his target weight

A Leamington secondary school teacher who amazed his pupils by losing almost 17 stone is now going with them to the Himalayas to raise money for charity.

Scott Littler, 26, will be heading to India to take part in a project called ‘Access to Education’ along with some of his pupils.

And Scott says he would not have been able to go had he not lost all his weight.

Scott said: “I simply would not have had the stamina and fitness to even consider this.

“Travel was always an issue for me as I would panic about sitting in a plane seat. I certainly would never have travelled as far as India.

“I have been abroad before, but I had to buy 2 plane seats as I was so big, it was very embarrassing.

“Having lost 16 stone 12 pounds, I will be maintaining the new healthy habits that I had learned. I will need plenty of fitness and stamina as we will be climbing well above 4,000m.”

When he was a boy Scott enjoyed large portions of home cooked meals, snacks and takeaways. By the time he was 12 years old he already weighed 22 stone.

He added: “At the time I had little idea of how I got this way. I knew I loved my food and obviously I must be over eating. But there was something I was missing, and I knew I needed help.

“It wasn’t until I went into secondary school weighing 22 stone that my weight actually became an issue and that was because I was struggling with PE.”

By the time he attended university in 2012 to study chemistry with the hopes of becoming a science teacher, Scott had been diagnosed with sleep apnea, meaning he needed to wear a special mask at night to allow him to breathe correctly.

And in 2014, Scott’s GP found his weight had given him high blood pressure.

Scott said: “At this point I had to accept that I was unhealthy and ate too much rubbish. I became increasingly concerned about my mortality.”

Scott decided to do something about his weight by joining WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers, in 2016. When he first joined the group, Scott weighed 31 stone.

But after lots of hard work, Scott finally reached his goal weight of 14 and-a-half stone on Monday November 26. He was awarded a Gold Member Certificate by WW to celebrate his achievement.

Scott said: “When I dropped 11 lbs in the first week of WW, I was hooked. But still, I wanted to keep it off this time - I needed to learn sustainable habits.

“Portion control a big factor. I was eating too much cake, chocolate and fast foods, but it was the amounts of food I ate, it was my portion size that was doing the most damage.

“I still ate my favourite things - just less of them. Within 18 months, my blood pressure was back under control and I have recently been discharged from the sleep apnea clinic.”

Scott qualified as a weight-loss coach for WW in June, and now spends his evenings teaching healthy habits to overweight adults.