Leamington town councillor Mota to retire after 40 years in local politics

When the election for Leamington town councillors takes place next month there will be a notable name missing from the list of candidates.

Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 2:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 2:52 pm
Mota Singh.

Former Leamington Mayor Mota Singh, 80, is retiring from politics having represented the Labour Party on the town council for 16 years.

Cllr Singh was formerly a Warwickshire County Councillor for 26 years and became the authority’s first Indian member when he was voted in in 1985.

Cllr Singh has said: “I wish to thank my party, the Labour Party, for giving me this opportunity to serve the community first as a county councillor then as a town councillor.

“I feel proud that for 40 years I have delivered good service to my community as an elected councillor.

“Maybe now that I am older I cannot run with the same speed.

“But my service to the community will continue.”

Cllr Singh will now focus his efforts as a member of the Buwan Kothi Trust UK, chair of trustees of the Buwan Kothi International Trust India, and chairman of the management committee of the Gilly Mundy Community School in Haryana India.

Cllr Singh’s son Gilly, whom the school was built in memory of, died unexpectedly in 2007 aged 36.

Gilly was a highly regarded campaigner and activist who said his inspiration for a lifetime of political activism including passionate opposition to racism and injustice came from his father.

Cllr Singh was working as a postman when he was first elected as a county councillor.

He served as the authority’s chairman and was also chairman of the Warwickshire Police Authority twice during his 21 years as a member.

He held many other roles in social services and education.

Cllr Singh retired as a county councillor in 2009 after his wife Surinder Mundy died.

He was elected on to Leamington Town Council in 2003 and became mayor of the town in the following year.

Cllr Singh said one of his proudest moments as mayor was when he travelled to Bo in Sierra Leone to sign the friendship link between the town and Leamington which is supported by the One World Link charity.

Away from politics and public service Cllr Singh’s other passion is for writing and Punjabi poetry.

He has published three books of poems so far which have been used in University teachings and written political articles for several newspapers in Northern India.

He said: “No matter how many ups and downs life deals out I can say I am still enjoying my life.”