Leamington woman among group of jailed fraudsters told to pay back millions or face more time behind bars

HMRC ANL-151208-170107001
HMRC ANL-151208-170107001

Fraudsters including a Leamington woman have been ordered to pay back £2 million or face more time in jail.

Film producers Christina Slater, 38, and Christopher Walsh Atkins, 41, from London, have been ordered to pay back more than £201,000 or face another two years in prison and independent financial advisor Neil Williams-Denton, 43, of Greater Manchester, has been ordered to repay £36,000.

Chartered accountant and ringleader Terence Sefton Potter, 57, formerly of Singapore and before that of Monaco. who is currently serving eight years in prison for setting up and promoting a number of fraudulent schemes to wealthy professionals, has been ordered to repay more than £1.8 million.

Simon York, director of HM Revenue and Custom’s (HMRC) fraud investigation service, said: “These people have already lost their liberty, after HMRC uncovered their audacious attempt to steal money that honest taxpayers across the UK have paid to fund public services.

“We have now gone further and ensured these criminals must pay back what they stole or face even more time behind bars and will still have to pay the money back.

“However far criminals go to hide the proceeds of their crimes we pursue every penny to ensure that tax crime never pays.”

A five year-long investigation by HMRC found the gang of professionals devised and promoted the multi-million pound fraud in order to claim tax rebates linked to contrived investments in film-making partnerships.