Man jailed for spate of burglaries

Warwickshire Justice Centre. The home of Warwick Crown Court and Leamington Magistrates Court.
Warwickshire Justice Centre. The home of Warwick Crown Court and Leamington Magistrates Court.

When a Leamington man was arrested for pulling a pensioner to the ground and robbing her of her shopping, he also confessed to a spate of burglaries.

And at Warwick Crown Court, Sean Tressler, aged 23, of Southorn Court, Leamington, pleaded guilty to two charges of robbery and one of attempted robbery. Tressler, who also admitted one charge of burglary and asked for four more to be taken into consideration, was jailed for a total of five years and four months.

Prosecutor Antonie Muller said that on October 26, Tressler attacked a 73-year-old woman as she walked home from doing some shopping.

He ran over to her on the corner of Campion Terrace in Leamington, grabbed her bag and pulled her to the ground, where she cut her fingers and bruised her shoulder.

A few minutes later a man was walking home from the Somerville Arms pub when he felt a blow to his head and was knocked into a wall before falling unconscious to the floor.

Within 45 minutes of that robbery, Tressler had made his way to the shopping centre in Crown Way.

There he approached a man and demanded money, punching and kicking him when he refused, before making off empty-handed.

He was arrested after a man living nearby heard someone trying one of the doors in his house and, thinking it was a friend of his, called out - only to then hear the person running away. After he was later arrested and remanded in custody, he asked to speak to the police, saying he wanted to clean his slate. He was driven around Leamington and pointed out a house in Eastfield Road which he had broken into at the beginning of November. He had stolen two i-Pods and a docking station which he said he had sold to feed himself and to pay bills.

Mr Muller, who said Tressler was in breach of a conditional discharge for earlier offences at the time, added that he went on to admit three other house burglaries and one non-domestic burglary.

Recorder Keith Raynor jailed Tressler for a total of 56 months for the robbery offences, with a consecutive six-month sentence for the burglary and a further two months for being in breach of the conditional discharge.