Medieval battle on the way as joust heads to Kenilworth Castle

Jousting at Kenilworth Castle
Jousting at Kenilworth Castle

Knights will battle it out in Kenilworth’s biggest tournament yet when a new Medieval Festival heads to the town.

The action packed weekend is set to be English Heritage’s biggest medieval event with over 300 re-enactors ready to storm the town’s castle.

With a full-throttle programme of jousting, combat, and a knights’ tournament teams will go head to head in two-days of events fit for royalty.

Charging on horseback at up to 40mph, six armour clad knights will compete throughout the weekend with just one goal - to break a lance on their opponent’s body or head.

Emily Sewell, head of events at the group, said: “A lot of people think it is a staged, battle, but it’s a real competition, anything could happen, and anyone could win.

Add to this all the fun and games we have planned, and the festival really will be the ultimate medieval day out.

“With so much to see and do the Medieval Festival will be a truly historic family day out.”

The castle will also welcome jesters, falconry, live music, encampments of medieval townsfolk in every area of the castle, hobby horse jousting all ages and historic fun and games.

A medieval marketplace will sell the best, authentically recreated, historic wares from baskets to beads, and buckles to boots and tasty treats will be on offer.

The Medieval Festival: Tournament and Joust will be held at Kenilworth Castle on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 July from 11am to 5pm.

Tickets are available here