Milkman Peter’s last round

A milkman who has delivered hundreds of thousands of daily pintas has finally hung up his crate after more than 34 years service.

Peter Gorman has chosen to retire after three decades of uninterrupted service to the community.

Known for his dedication to his customers he has managed to deliver milk to his customers regardless of the weather, even getting through in severe wintry conditions when other services claimed that the roads were impassable.

Starting his working day at 1am when most of his customers were tucked up in bed fast asleep, Peter collected his float, loaded up the milk round and got on with his deliveries, typically completing his ‘day‘ by noon.

When asked if he had any typical milkman stories to relate Peter said: “You don’t want to believe too many of those stories.

“My life has been very ordinary,

“No housewife has chased me down the street and I’ve never even been bitten by a dog.”

He added: “But I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Now Peter hopes for a change of pace spending more time travelling around the country, this time not in a milk float.

But the first thing he has to complete is a long list of DIY jobs for his daughter.

After his chores are done he and his wife hope to explore a bit more of England including a trip to the capital, having only been to London once.

They also hope to visit the south west of England because they have yet to visit Devon & Cornwall.