Mosaics group transforms front of derelict pub in Old Town

The Postive Signs mosaic group stands by its work at the former Stoneleigh Arms pub in Clemens Street, Old Town.
The Postive Signs mosaic group stands by its work at the former Stoneleigh Arms pub in Clemens Street, Old Town.

A derelict pub in Leamington’s Old Town has been transformed into a piece of art thanks to the work of a talented craft group.

The Stoneleigh Arms is no longer the eyesore it once was now that the Positive Signs mosaic group has worked its magic by decorating its front with a number of pieces.

The work was commissioned by the Mary Portas-funded Leamington Old Town team in the summer.

The building, in Clemens Street, had been closed down as a pub and left boarded up since the 1990s.

The group had already placed mosaic flowers and the words Positive Signs in mirror mosaic on a boarded up shop front next to Chez Rama during 2014 and this is what led to commission for the Stoneleigh Arms.

Positive signs has met at the Sydni Centre in Sydenham on Tuesday afternoons for the past two years but the group is now in need of funding for it to continue.

Artists Fran Godwin and Sonia Kwasnik, who run the group, said: “We have all learned a lot about mosaic design and making over the past two years and it’s great that people can see the results and that the mosaics can add so much beauty to this old building.

“We’d like to thank Ken Kanwar of Chez Rama and the owners of the Stoneleigh Arms for permissions to place our mosaics on Clemens Street and also the Big Lottery and Leamington Old Town Team for funding the group and mosaics.

“We hope that this work will lead to new commissions to enable us to carry on making mosaics at the Sydni Centre.

“The group currently has no funding and so unfortunately we are not able to continue our activities in 2016.

“If anyone has any ideas about how we can gain funding to restart the group or can commission us to make new work then please contact us.”

Kristie Naimo, the Labour councillor who represents the Brunswick ward on Warwick District Council, said: “It’s wonderful to see such positive, community artwork involving local artists and residents.

I look forward to more positive signs from the group brightening up South Leamington.”

To Positive Signs group can be contacted by email.