MP says he ensures voice of business in Warwick and Leamington is heard in Brexit debate

The MP for Warwick and Leamington has told how he has worked behind the scenes to ensure the voice of business is heard as the UK leaves the European Union.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 6:00 pm
Christine Jackson (Wright Hassall), Matt Western MP, Ajay Desai (Chamber). Rear (left to right): David Wilson (Glued), Pete McGuire (Wright Hassall) Sean Rose (Chamber).

Matt Western MP told a meeting of business people: “I have been encouraging individual businesses to speak out and working very hard especially with the automotive sector which is so key to this region.

“I have been very pleased to see them breaking ranks in recent weeks and spelling out how they see the business landscape after Brexit.”

He was addressing the Mid Warwickshire branch of the Chamber of Commerce at Warwickshire College’s Trident Centre at its Meet the MP session.

Mr Western said he had been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the voice of commerce was heard in the debate as loudly as other key factors.

He said: “The impacts on business will be very serious and areas such as automotive and agriculture will feel the force of withdrawal.

He added: “I am aware of the work our Chamber of Commerce has been doing and to hear from the big businesses in the region adds strength to that.”

“The Government is suffering from division and individual strife and there are personal ambitions at play which is unfortunate.

“We need stability and there could be a leadership election in the next six months.”

The Chamber’s Meet the MP session allows business leaders to put their issues and concerns directly to their MPs.

It also organised a key Brexit Club which has fed into Government and the British Chambers of Commerce at the highest levels.