New angel joins spiritual works at Warwick gallery

Angel Wings
Angel Wings

“Unusual”, “tranquil” and “spiritual” are some of the words used by viewers to desribe the work of Warwick artist Tom Mitchell - and a brand new work of his follows the same ethereal theme.

After a gap of three years, the owner of the Mitchell Gallery is stepping back into the limelight and sharing some of his most popular works, alongside the recently-completed painting Forever, with visitors to his namesake venue in Church Street in a ‘Retrospective’ exhibition throughout March.

He said: “It has been several years since I have produced a painting, but I hope you agree that the finished work was worth waiting for.

“Forever captures the same feeling of tranquility and spirituality, with a small white feather - a message from above, sometimes hidden, sometimes in the foreground for all to see.

“Angels take many forms but the message remains the same.”

The image, says Tom, is one he had been thinking about for years, but it took him a long time to create the painting because it required a high level of detail and he wanted the work to display emotion.

But the process for him was clearly enjoyable, as he has already begun working on a new contemporary landscape painting, using a technique similar to the process he used in creating an older oil painting, Berkswell in Spring, which hangs in the Memory Lane and Forget-Me-Not lounge for dementia patients at the University Hospital in Coventry. The image was purchased by the trustees of the project for its vibrant colour, serenity and local appeal.

And several other new pieces, Tom says, are in their early stages, so visitors can expect to see more from him through the year.

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