New children’s ‘play village’ to open in Warwick

The Warwick Play Village.
The Warwick Play Village.

A new children’s play facility is set to open in Warwick.

The new attraction, which is called ‘Children’s Play Village’, is set to open early next year on Hampton Road.

The Warwick Play Village.

The Warwick Play Village.

Children’s Play Village is being created by Shelley Corbett and Alan Gleeson and has been in the making for two years.

Shelley said: “We started looking at the concept around two years ago and we wanted to create something special for children to play in and enjoy with their families. We decided to focus on imaginative and physical play.

“We both have business backgrounds but this is our first play village. This was something that got our imaginations going and ticked all of our personal passion boxes.”

The pair both live in Sutton Coldfield and decided that the Warwick site was the best place for their new venture.

The Warwick Play Village.

The Warwick Play Village.

Shelley said: “We were looking around the area and around suitable sites and Warwick ticked all of our boxes and is a lovely place to be and it just seemed to be the perfect site.”

The play village offers children the opportunity to role play in different settings such as a florists and a construction site, where they can let their imaginations take over.

Shelley said: “We wanted to give children the sense that they are in a real village. We have roads, artificial grass and it really looks like a village square.

“We have areas such as a tea room, a salon, a vets, a fire station, a supermarket, a theatre and a construction site.

The Warwick Play Village.

The Warwick Play Village.

“The village is ideal for children aged three and above where they will be able to play independently or with their parents or carers.

“Those under three can explore the play village with parental supervision and also play in our under three’s play area. For babies and crawlers under 12 months we have a dedicated, separate area for play in the ‘Village Square’.

“There will also be play facilitators, who are members of staff, that will be around the village to create a bit of drama and imagination.

“We are looking to run three play session a day. When we started to look at this idea we did a parents survey to test out the idea and there were lots of comments about overcrowding so we kept that in mind.”

The play village has already been constructed and the finishing touches are now being made to the building.

Shelley and Alan are looking to open the play attraction at the end of January and since launching their website and Facebook page they have gained a lot of support and followers.

Shelley said: “The welcome from the local community has just been incredible, with different businesses and locals getting in touch on our website and our Facebook page. We hope that we will be well received when we open.”

Shelley and Alan are currently recruiting for members of staff in a variety of roles. For information about the jobs available and how to apply click here.

To visit the Warwick Play Village Facebook Page click here.