North Leamington pupils helped to reflect on road safety with hi-vis gifts

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Pupils at schools across Leamington have been received safety talks from professionals to help children stay alive to road dangers.

Students across the North of Leamington Spa, both primary and secondary, have heard road safety talks from staff and specialists.

As dark winter nights draw in it is hoped the school children will keep themselves safe by being seen whilst commuting to and from school.

Using a community grant from Warwick Rural East Community Forum, North Leamington School has provided reflective bag and coat clips for every year 5 and 6 pupil at primary schools in the North Leamington Cluster.

Thanks to the support of the North Leamington School PTA every year 7 pupil at North Leamington School will also receive the same - a total of 850 pupils.

A large number of bike lights, reflective spoke aids and bike safety locks have also been distributed to pupils over the schools from the same fund.

Simon Owen, Student Support and Engagement lead at North Leamington School said: “We want to educate our pupils and this equipment goes some way to keeping them safe.

“However the wider appeal is to the motoring public to drive at sensible speeds when pupils are commuting and to park appropriately in the streets around schools as some parking restricts footpaths forcing pupils into the road and into danger.”