Up-and-coming Eathorpe actress to star in Vanessa Redgrave's new play

A 23-year-old up-and-coming actress from Eathorpe has been cast in Vanessa Redgrave’s new play.

Monday, 17th June 2019, 11:58 am
Lucy Doyle. Photo submitted.

Lucy Doyle, who attended Playbox Theatre in Warwick, will be starring in ‘Vienna 1934 – Munich 1938’ at the Theatre Royal in Bath.

Lucy attended Warwick Prep and Princethorpe College. She then went to King’s High School for a drama scholarship.

Lucy said: “I was fortunate that a lot of the girls in my primary school were going to Playbox Theatre and could introduce me from such a young age. I loved it. I’d make up plays and act out TV Series like Doctor Who in the school playground with my friends.

Lucy Doyle. Photo submitted.

"For me it was never really a hobby or a part time activity. It meant everything to me.

“Then as I got older, I joined the ‘SYC’ (Shakespeare Young Company) and the ‘Professionals’, a group at Playbox for actors wanting to go on and train at drama school.

"We’d write our own material, go through audition speeches and listen to the wisdom of Stewart McGill.

"I wish I had an anecdote for the day I realised I wanted to be an actor, but I don’t. It’s just always been something that I wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I’m very lucky that way - to have always known.

"As soon as I realised it was something people did for a living, I knew I wanted to train further so I could go into this mad world with confidence.

“Later I won the Carlton Hobbs Bursary Award that took me to the BBC for five months on its Radio REP company. This was an incredible environment to be a part of; training post training.

"I learnt and gained so much experience during my time there and worked with actors I couldn’t have dreamed to work with so soon in my career. I felt like a sponge. I soaked up and observed as much as I could from actors that I’d always admired; Diana Rigg, Derek Jacobi and Jessie Buckley to name a few.

"We worked on Oscar Wilde’s, Chekov’s as well as new writings and adaptations.

"I then did a short film with a director and friend Phoebe Torrance, exploring the nuances of sexual consent. It was a privilege to be a part of. I hear it’s going to some very exciting venues. I’m delighted the film will be shown over a broader platform during festival season as the work we did I am truly proud of and believe it to be an important and necessary watch.

"It was my first time professionally in front of a camera and I couldn’t have wished for a warmer and more trustworthy creative team, especially on a project dealing with such heavy and serious content.

"It’s a real honour to contribute to the movements of ‘Time’s Up’ and ‘#MeToo’ in this way. More and more opportunities are broadening for all women and I feel so warmed that I get to begin my journey at this pivotal time. I'm also (attempting) to write a TV Series. Female narratives, writers and directors are becoming, if not are the forefront of the creative industry right now and I want to add my bit too. There doesn't seem to be a better time. "

Now Lucy is about to start rehearsals for Vanessa Redgrave’s new play ‘Vienna 1934 – Munich 1938’ at Theatre Royal, Bath.

She said: "Again, working with Vanessa is something extremely unexpected and I know I’ll learn a huge amount from her simply by virtue of being in the same room. The cast comprises of just the four of us including Vanessa herself, Paul Hilton and Robert Boulter.

It’ll be a wonderful opportunity to work on such rich and challenging material, something I feel very privileged to be entrusted with, especially since all the characters within the play are real people.

My role, Muriel Gardiner brought Jews over from Nazi occupied Europe to safe havens, providing passports and a safe (or somewhat safe) passage. Indeed, Vanessa herself played a similar character (arguably based off Muriel) in ‘Julia’, the 1977 film for which she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

"It’s all incredibly exciting, if a little daunting."

Lucy's agent is Michelle Burke at ‘Gavin Barker Associates’.

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