Business specialising in reducing plastic waste set for permanent home in Leamington

Alex Daniels and Beth Smith  at Ecofest in Leamington. Photo submitted.
Alex Daniels and Beth Smith at Ecofest in Leamington. Photo submitted.

A pop-up business specialising in being ‘zero waste’ will be moving into a permanent premises in Leamington.

In October 2018 Alex Daniels (27) and Beth Smith (26), who both live in Leamington, created CORE, which specialises in organic, low-waste wholefoods such as grains, nuts and spices.

Since then the pair have been at the weekly Warwick market, had markets in Leamington, Stratford and Kenilworth, as well as spending three days every fortnight at Canalside Community Food in Radford Semele.

Now the pair have set their sites on a permanent home.

Alex and Beth said: “Like so many others, we were sick of having to buy everything in plastic, so much unnecessary, environmentally
damaging plastic.

“From the very beginning, it has been our goal to open a shop in Leamington because we want to offer local people a regular, convenient alternative to conventional grocery shopping that is kinder to our planet.

“Our shop is due to be opening in Park Street, taking the place of the amazing Berylune who will be moving to a bigger premise just up the road. We have not yet finalised the opening date, but we can assure you that it will be this side of Christmas.

"We are so excited to open our shop and to see where it takes us. CORE is a dream that has been years in the making and we feel so lucky to have had the support to finally make it come true.

"We are truly grateful to every single person who has supported us in our journey so far, from our family and friends and our regular customers, to the market providers and all those who have offered us invaluable advice or encouragement along the way.”

To keep up-to-date on the progress of CORE search for @corewholefoods on Facebook and Instagram

Another plastic-free store will also be opening in Leamington under the name Zero.