Dome at Compton Verney looking for new home

Do you want a dome?

Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 5:48 pm
The Dome at The Clearing in Compton Verney (photo from Compton Verney Twitter)

The dome at Compton Verney will be coming down at the end of the year.

Officials at the art gallery and park are looking to give away the geodesic dome to someone who can make good use of it.

The dome located at The Clearing was part of the vision of the future for the grounds of art gallery and part at Compton Verney near Kineton in South Warwickshire.

The building of the Dome at The Clearing in Compton Verney (picture from the website for The Clearing)

The dome was created nearly three years ago by Alex Hartley and Tom James.

Tom said on The Clearing's website: "The project set out to build a physical place where people could learn how to live in the collapsing world that’s coming our way. During 2017, The Clearing became part school, part shelter and part folly.

"In the middle of The Clearing we built a geodesic dome. It's been standing in the landscape of Compton Verney for three years. Now, at the end of 2019, it needs to come down - and we want to pass it on to someone else who can make use of it."

The dome is 7.5m wide and 4m high, and made from reclaimed steel, wood and plywood. It will be taken down in the last week of January or early February 2020.

The Dome at Compton Verney (photo from the website for The Clearing)

If anyone wants the dome they should contact Compton Verney officials through the following email [email protected] by 5pm on Wednesday November 30.

Anyone can apply to take the dome, for free, as long as they have the following requirements:

- A convincing public / social / community use for it - no glamping.

- The means to collect the dome with a Luton or larger van, the time to take it down with at least five people to help take it down.

- The time to be on site at Compton Verney for a week in late January and early February 2020 to help take it down (and learn how to put it back up again).

- Legal ownership of the land for the dome to be re-built.

- Public liability insurance to £5 million.

- The artists will be there to help take it apart. However, they can’t be there when it goes back up. - Compton Verney and the artists will be in charge of dismantling and handling. Volunteers will be on hand to help with dismantling.