Excess knife collection service is being offered by Leamington-based campaign group

People are being asked to hand over any household knives, which they do not use, to be disposed of as part of Change Your Life Put Down Your Knife's campaign

Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 4:57 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 7:38 pm

People living in and around Leamington are being asked to think about the knives they keep in their homes and to have any they do not need or use collected and disposed of by a campaign group based in the town.

Change Your Life Put Down you Knife is asking people if they would you be aware if a knife was to go missing from their kitchen or if they have knives in their houses which they never use.

kitchen knifes are the most common blade used in knife attacks and domestic violence is the most common crime where a kitchen knife is used.

Graph provided by Change Your Life Put Down Your Life.
Graph provided by Change Your Life Put Down Your Life.

A child is more likely to carry a kitchen knife in public for protection to feel safer and around 30 per cent of children actually become a victim from the knife they were carrying themselves.

Benjamin Spann, of Change Your Life Put Down you Knife, said: "We want to help eliminate these statistics in our town by offering a free excess knife collection service.

"By disposing of excess knifes we will have a better chance of preventing knife crime in our community and making it a safer place for us all. "

The blades will be disposed of according to Government guidelines.

To arrange a collection text your address and a convenient day and time to 07915368734

To find out more about the campaign search for Change Your Life Put Down Your Knife on Facebook.