New firefighting appliance will be based in Leamington and will help service to tackle high rise blazes

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service now has a brand new appliance which is designed to provide easy access to high rise properties even in narrow streets and it will be based in Leamington.

Tuesday, 15th October 2019, 11:02 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 12:02 am

The new Magirus M32 turntable ladder has been specifically designed and built to meet the needs of the service to help make Warwickshire communities safer.

The vehicle has a 16-tonne chassis and has the added function of an independent rear wheel steer, which will permit good access and manoeuvrability within areas that have not been accessible to a WFRS aerial appliance before.

The vehicle is also extremely quick to deploy and can reach heights of up to 32 meters, which increases our ability to rescue people and fight fires in high rise properties.

Andy Crump and firefighters with the new appliance.

The new appliance will be based in Leamington Fire Station, where many of the high rise buildings in the county exist, but the vehicle can be deployed anywhere in Warwickshire for various incident types.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Services Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Barnaby Briggs said: “I am delighted with this addition to our fleet which represents the culmination of two years of complementary work across the County Council.

"The Magirus M32 turntable ladder is a significant and welcome investment into the Service and helps us to pursue our core strategy of keeping Warwickshire communities safer.

“Our firefighters have been instrumental in designing the vehicle to meet our exact specifications using the very latest technology and design features. Not only will the new vehicle enhance our operational response to high rise buildings, but it will also enable better access to narrow streets or streets that are obstructed by parked cars.

"This is made possible by the rear wheel steering and the stabilising legs being able to safely deploy right up to, or even under, vehicles that we are unable to move.

“The new appliance is built to the highest standard in terms of safety, performance and reliability and will complement and work alongside the capabilities within the existing Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service fleet.”

Warwickshire County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Fire and Rescue and Community Safety, Andy Crump added: “It is essential that we provide our firefighters with the best possible vehicles and equipment to be able to respond to emergencies and protect Warwickshire communities.

"This new fire engine is an exciting and innovative addition to the county’s fleet and one which I am sure will meet the approval of both our firefighters and Warwickshire residents.”