Stop HS2 campaigners tie ribbons around old trees near Offchurch and Stoneleigh to highlight impact of high-speed rail

Stop HS2 campaigners have been tying purple ribbons around old trees along the Fosse Way near Offchurch and in Stoneleigh to highlight the impact the high-speed rail project will have and is having on the countryside.

Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 4:43 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 4:44 pm
Stop HS2 campaign sign with a purple ribbon.

Jayne Leeann, who has been leading the latest protest action and is part of the Stop HS2 camp in Crackley Wood, says group members are concerned that HS2 contractors are felling trees during the ongoing Government review into the project.

She said: “In response to an email sent this month HS2 informed us ‘we will not be removing or working on any trees which are considered to be ancient or veteran’.

“Despite assurances from HS2 to the contrary, veteran and ancient trees are being felled on Welsh Road between Southam and Offchurch, with more marked up for felling soon, this also includes hundreds of veteran trees in Stoneleigh.

“This is happening up and down the country along the proposed site of the ‘yet to be decided’ HS2 project.

“The project is supposedly on hold whilst the country awaits the results of the review into the project which has caused much controversy due to many issues such as soaring costs coming in over 100 billion and counting, the public feel the money would be better spent on NHS, social care and education, other issue such as the destruction to 108 irreplaceable ancient woodlands causing climate concerns, flooding, loss of rich ecosystems and many rare and protected species.

“So in order to raise awareness some of us local ladies set out to tie protective purple ribbons around the Tree’s that are still standing and have been marked up by HS2 to be felled.

“Some of the trees are huge and are hundreds of years old.

“It is the time of year when many wildlife species such as Bats, which are a protected species are using the veteran and ancient tree’s to hibernate and roost in.

“The law states it is crime to destroy or disturb Bats and their roosts, most of these veteran and ancient tree’s will have bat roosts, so I urge the public to be vigilant of HS2 work and report incidents to the police and put complaints forward to HS2, they have a duty to look into all complaints so we must make them by calling 08081 434 434.”