Warwick's annual allotments competition returning

The competition is open to all plot holders in the town

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 12:40 pm
Railwayside allotments in Warwick. Photo supplied
Railwayside allotments in Warwick. Photo supplied

The annual allotments competition in Warwick will be returning later this month.

Winners of the competition, which will be taking place on June 26, will be announced shortly after the judging has taken place and will be posted on the Warwick Town Council website.

There are a number of trophies and certificates which will be handed to plot holders at the Warwick Town Council awards evening on November 29 at the Court House in Jury Street.

The competition is open to all plot holders in Warwick.

Points are given for the range and quality of fruit and vegetables, special features and overall impression of the plot. There are also points for being environmentally friendly.

Warwick Town Council runs three sites in Warwick; Cape Housing, Railwayside and Canalside.

The Percy Estate Site is now self managed after having recently formed an association know as PEAS (Percy Estate Allotment Society). The competition is open to all sites.

Liz Healey, allotments administrator, said: ”I am thoroughly looking forward to accompanying the judge, Andrew Caine, a lot of time and effort has been put in by the plot holders so I’m sure there will be some very tough decisions to be made."

The Allotments have proved a great reason for people to get out and dig during this year’s lockdown.

Warwick Town Council’s Allotment community is growing with waiting lists on many sites.

Noel Butler, chairman of the allotments committee, said: “Since I took over as chair of the allotment committee I have spent a great deal of time at all the sites and have been so impressed with the condition of the vast majority of the plots.

"Anyone who wins a trophy or is awarded a certificate in this competition will know they will have come out on top of some very high quality competitors."